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With Director &
Coach Scott Johnson

Coach Scott Johnson

Coach Johnson was the #47 rated player in the country his senior year in high school, and a NIKE & McDonald's All-American. He was recruited and offered a basketball scholarship by Bobby Knight at Indiana, Dean Smith at North Carolina, Bobby Cremins of Georgia Tech, and Jim Calhoun at UConn.

During the recruiting process, he visited Wake Forrest, Tennessee, Florida, Auburn, University of Georgia, and Georgia Tech before choosing to attend the University of Virginia in the ACC.

After transferring to the University of South Florida and graduating with a Criminal Justice degree, he was invited to the Miami Heat Free Agent Draft Camp in 2000. Coach Johnson completed his professional playing career overseas in with playing in both Italy and Germany.

Coach Johnson's enthusiasm is infectious with the players he currently trains. His personal experience as an elite high school, well traveled AAU player, and successful professional provides aspiring players and their parents a unique insight to the training and recruiting process.

Coach Johnson has volunteered his time coaching in local junior feeder teams, as well as running coach's clinics for church leagues, and does private skill development for recreational players looking for that extra edge on the competition.

"People Don't Care How Much You Know, Until They Know How Much Your Care." - John Wooden

Keep Your Head In The Game

Because every child is different, we employ a coaching staff that cares enough to find out the individual goals and expectations of each player.

The staff helps the player realize those goals during their chosen program with noticeable improvement by program end. We help by creating a positive environment where players are encouraged and motivated while achieving skill through fundamental reinforcement and respectful direction.

"Our son loved it. And he is a better player as a result. Thank you!" - Pam Horton
How We Serve Your Child

Specialized Training Programs

"Thank You, Coach Johnson, for all you've done for our son, both on the court and off. This program has helped develop our son both as a basketball player and with his personal life skills. It has improved our son's sense of confidence and belief in himself in whatever he does. On the court, he has developed both offensively and defensively. Thanks, again." - Sharon Matzkow

  • Private Lessons

    Private One-On-One Lessons

    This training program is for those players who want to take their skill training to the next level. We assess your child’s skill level and specific goals.

    We then formulate a training regimen exclusively for each child. In this type of training situation, I don’t see myself as the drill sergeant but as a motivation partner who supports your child in their goals. I will match their effort and I am directly involved in guiding them through the program. Your child and I will work equally hard, side by side to achieve improvement.

    We focus on overall skills for every player, but we can also get specific:

    • Post player: Wants to get better at the ‘Basic 4’.
    • Shooting guard: Wants to enhance shooting technique, and develop a more consistent shot.
  • Small Group Training

    Small Group Training

    This program is for players that love to practice with teammates, or good friends.

    Players are trained and motivated to work as a group with skills they can carry into any group or team setting.

    Experience has shown having a teammate alongside during practice and training brings out competitive skills that motivate some players to top performances., It can also provide for endurance and repetition that enhances the player's skill level in these small group sessions.

  • Team Program

    Team Program

    The team program is a close-knit team building program that can guarantee improvement and good results: on the court, off the court, and in the locker room.

    Of course, the training for the entire team is based on the skill levels of all of the teammates. It is very important to us that no one gets left behind, and that everyone is progressing with their effort.

    After all, we want to set a solid foundation for the team to achieve greatness together. We work on using the strengths of each player for the best advantage of the team, while working on weaknesses to show more improvement. We emphasize respect for each player and their individual skill sets within the team environment.

    This program puts special focus on working as a synchronized unit, sharing the ball, and playing as a team. Experience has shown the longer a team plays together, the better they perform over the short and long term.

What Parent Are Saying

"It's Fantastic!"

We love our players and the programs that help elevate their basketball game. But, don't just take our word for it, see for yourself what parents have to say about Cobb Hoops.

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  • Motivating

    "You do a good job motivating the kids effectively and fairly. They learn from you and feel they have your support. Excellent program- keep up the good work. We are lucky to have a knowledgeable and effective coach like Scott. Thanks for the additional practice suggestions."

    - Joe Jursic

  • Great Format

    "Great format- lessened frustrations because of quick changes. Love what coach helped my son develop. So glad we did this- fantastic!"

    - Laura Thompson

  • Personalized

    "Thanks for understanding Isaac's desire to be part of the older kids group. Your explanation to him was great, I appreciate the time you took to share with him your thoughts about his placement within the group. Hopefully, you can understand that I am used to only having Isaac be part of special needs groups. I have not been sure as to what to expect... My husband and I have been so pleased with your program. You have all been so patient and have truly taken the time to show Isaac."

    - Donna Waller

  • Excellent

    "Excellent coach and role model. We would have our son under his tutelage if he taught basket weaving! Love the location, the training, the enthusiasm & intensity of the practices that coach Johnson creates. He cares about my son. Thanks again for everything Scott. We really appreciate it. Like I have said before, your basketball coaching speaks for itself."

    - Patrice Taibi

  • Organized

    "Coach is always well organized and generates great energy."

    - Mike Sebesta. 

  • Quality Time

    "Doing a great job coaching/teaching the players. Thanks for working with both our boys! We appreciate the time you spend with them individually and collectively."

    - Jeff Green

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